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Business InsuranceAs a business owner, you pride yourself on making sound decisions. Through careful market analysis and astute appraisal of business trends, you have built a thriving enterprise. But in business, as in life, some events are unforeseeable. An act of vandalism, a fire, an employee’s on-the-job accident – these are all unfortunate events that can cost you money and put a serious damper on your company’s growth. That’s why business owners like you invest in insurance. But does your insurance coverage protect your business adequately?

What Makes Vintage Insurance Agency Different

Vintage Insurance Agency is an experienced business insurance broker that can help protect your company from financial losses. With our vast industry knowledge and a range of policies from premier carriers, we have earned a reputation in Tampa and other Florida cities as the go-to agency for business insurance. We are known for a warm, customer-friendly approach. That means, when you turn to us, you can count on receiving personalized and attentive service that larger agencies simply don’t offer. At Vintage, you’re not just another policy number. You’re a valued customer whom we want to keep for life.

Policy Options Designed to Mitigate Business Risks

Every business has a unique set of risks, depending on its size, its number of employees, and the products and services offered. As business insurance experts, we can help you find insurance coverage tailored to your specific business, including:

  • Liability insurance
  • Commercial insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Cyber insurance

A One-Stop-Shop Agency

With Vintage as your insurance broker, you can get the coverage options you need all in one place. And, because we will gladly do your insurance shopping for you, you will have more time to focus on keeping your own clients happy and growing your business.

For more information about why we are the business insurance broker most qualified to serve companies in Tampa and other Florida cities, contact Vintage Insurance Agency today.

“Stephen Maniscalco has proven himself to be an excellent agent regarding my medical malpractice coverage. He provides professional services while maintaining a personal touch. His competency and follow through are greatly appreciated.”

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“For the past several years Stephen has done an excellent job providing insurance services to MGSI. Such services have included Cyber Insurance, Business Insurance Policy, E&O Coverage. He continues to provide timely follow up and communicates with our company on a regular basis.”

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