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Cyber Insurance BrokerIt’s safe to say that virtually every organization uses some form of cyber technology to conduct business. In fact, in today’s hyper-connected world, an organization that fails to utilize and maintain a computer network puts itself at a disadvantage. That’s because cyber technology helps your business function much more efficiently by enhancing communication, allowing you to store and organize vast amounts of data, and keeping you connected to your clients.

But, as recent data breaches at national retail chains and major banks demonstrate, cyber technology comes with inherent risks. A data breach not only compromises your organization’s computer network, it can also can erode customers’ trust in your business and damage your reputation. That’s why investing in cyber insurance through Vintage Insurance Agency is a smart precaution. We are a cyber insurance broker serving Tampa and other Florida cities, and we offer an array of policies to mitigate your cyber risk and keep your business growing.

Why Choose Us?

Vintage Insurance Agency takes special pride in our legacy of friendly customer service. We offer a warm, personal touch that contrasts sharply with the service offered by large corporate entities that make customers feel like just another number. At Vintage, we want you to feel comfortable and well-informed. So, we take the time to get to know you, your business, and your insurance needs. After all, our aim is to be your insurance advisor and advocate not only this year, but for every year of your organization’s evolution and success. We know that insurance can be complex, but our vast experience and deep knowledge of the industry enables us to simplify matters so that they’ll be easy to understand, no matter which policy you choose.

What Will Cyber Insurance Cover?

We offer cyber insurance through premier carriers, so you’ll have exceptional coverage options to help you offset legal expenses associated with a data breach as well as the costs of:

  • Notifying customers about the breach
  • Recovering compromised data
  • Fixing damaged computer systems

Let Us Help You

All it takes to start the process of finding a policy to reduce your cyber risk is a phone call. We offer our services to businesses of all scopes and sizes, whether they’re in Tampa or another Florida city. Contact Vintage Insurance Agency today to learn more about why we are the cyber insurance agent that you can confidently depend on.

“In 2018, there was a surge in stolen identity tax returns filed with the IRS, affecting tax return filers nationwide. As a consequence, we decided it was time to seek insurance that would cover any damages should future breaches affect our firm. Vintage Insurance was our first choice in pricing cyber insurance. Thanks to the focused attention we received from Stephen Maniscalco, we had a smooth and professional process working with Vintage in securing Cyber/Data Breach coverage for our CPA firm. Their knowledge was extremely helpful in educating me about the coverage to ensure we understand our needs.

We would recommend Vintage Insurance and Stephen Maniscalco to anyone in need of any type of insurance.

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“Stephen Maniscalco has proven himself to be an excellent agent regarding my medical malpractice coverage. He provides professional services while maintaining a personal touch. His competency and follow through are greatly appreciated.

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